Friday, October 20, 2006

tribute to mr. wilson

A few days ago I had this strange dream: I was with my father, my mother (who in reality they're already divorced) and one of my brothers. We were picking up all sort of items in a kind of fallout shelter. I can't really remember anything else only the weird sensation when I woke up.
I write about this now because lately I have been thinking about Mr. Wilson. Mr. Wilson is a friend of mine. I don't know when, how or why but he has become my 'dreams translator'. So every time I dream something and I can still remember it when I get up, I run to the nearest piece of paper to write it down so I'll be able to tell him later and know the ultimate meaning.
While I was traveling through India I used to e-mail him really excited with the most bizarre dreams ever. And Mr. Wilson didn't let me down. He spent all his knowledge and a big book of dreams and used to write me back with all the deep interpretations of my subconscious.
So Mr. Wilson what is it this time?

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