Wednesday, November 01, 2006


My house is big and sunny and it's dwelled by an elf who is always laughing and calling out "Miiiiisssss!", she swears respectfully.

Rany is our housekeeper a luxury I had never enjoyed before that makes my indonesian life much easier. She's not taller than one metre and a half, her hair, I reckon, is long and black and her voice is high, so high sometimes it is strident.

Rany has a personal goal: she wants me to speak bahasa indonesia. Goal which I thank for every day when I go shopping or I order my food at a restaurant and I am able to communicate with my skimpy vocabulary and a big, big smile.

When I get home I can hear her voice calling out at me from somewhere "miiiiiissssss", stretching the "i" smoothly. I don't know how she can recognize me , how she can perceive me before I even enter the room... She appears smiling for a little chat, just to check up on my day or my sleep. One could think that communication between us is not fluent, which is true oftentimes, but from time to time we understand each other without Mike's help, my personal interpreter, and then both of us are really pleased. It's so easy....

Rany swears she loves talking to me about her problems because, although I can't understand all the words, she feels relieved ever after.

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